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At BATHERA we are dedicated to improving lives through highest grade medical cannabis.


Medical Cannabis Wholesale


our mission

Improving lives through highest-quality medical cannabis.

We are striving to produce and distribute the highest quality cannabis products on the market in a responsible and sustainable way. We are aiming at unlocking the benefits of cannabis for health and wellbeing and making them accessible to our customers worldwide.

About Us

At BATHERA, we love and live quality. Since we founded BATHERA, the only thing keeping us awake at night is how to ensure, that we will be able to offer highest quality cannabis products to our customers. 

We believe it is about the focus on tiny details rather than on volume, size and yield. We believe it is better to say “no” to 99% of the opportunities and spend as much time as possible on the remaining 1% until perfection. Therefore, we select our ventures carefully, always keeping in mind our focus on quality.

BATHERA has been founded by Boris and Christian who have been friends for more than 10 years prior to founding BATHERA.

Christian Graggaber


Boris Agababov​


Business Divisions

Improving lives through highest-quality medical cannabis.

Cannabis Production

BATHERA is currently building a 9,000 sqm cultivation and manufacturing facility near Lisbon, Portugal.

We at BATHERA have a holistic view on quality. We judge every product along the following criteria: SAFETY, EFFICACY AND STABILITY – batch by batch. And we want our medical cannabis to LOOK great, SMELL great and TASTE great.

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The more we control the environment, the less we leave to chance. Our facility is completely indoors with a fully contained environment for optimum productivity. Instead of the sun we use full spectrum LED lights, and the HVAC system is especially tailored for cannabis crops. This allows us to control every aspect of our process and ensure optimal results.


Rather than a vast, open air facility, we custom built 12 small laboratory-grade growing rooms. Each room houses a single strain, allowing us to provide optimal growing conditions for each individual cannabis variety. 


No machine can match a human eye and a well-trained hand. All trimming – wet and dry – is done by hand and we have a separate room for curing. By choosing the slower path, we can inspect the quality of each individual bud. 


Real quality takes time. We slow dry and cure every harvest in order to maximize flavor and potency. Once wet trimmed, our harvest is dried for up to 15 days in our multiple dry chambers. We use separate dry chambers for each daily harvest – no mixing of different harvests or different strains in one chamber. We never rush the process by using exorbitant heat or desiccation.

Medical Cannabis Wholesale

BATHERA is a GDP and narcotic drugs licensed wholesale company in Germany. Germany legalized medical cannabis in March 2017. This opened up alternative and effective treatment options for a number of diseases, especially in the field of pain medicine.

Since 2019, we at BATHERA have been committed to the responsible trade of medical cannabis for therapeutic purposes. We only collaborate with high-quality indoor producers and specialized pharmacies.

The drive and motivation for all of us at BATHERA is to use our knowledge and dedication to provide patients with access to the highest-quality medical cannabis. Safety, efficacy and stability of the products have the highest priority in the certified distribution of cannabis.

Ancillary Products

Cannabis DNA Test

Since September 2021, BATHERA is the only company in Germany to offer a Cannabis DNA Test to determine the tolerance and effects of medical cannabis in advance of a cannabis therapy.

By evaluating 55 genetic variants of 29 genes using a saliva sample, we provide each patient with a detailed report on the key aspects of the body’s individual response to cannabis.

Our DNA Test gives information about how a patient metabolizes different cannabinoids and his / her predisposition to develop addictive behaviors. This enables the doctors to select the most effective and appropriate drugs for each patient’s individual therapy and helps to avoid undesirable side effects.


We have an exclusive cooperation with Lyte Vapes – a spin-off of the Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen.

Through gentle heating, the light aroma molecules in the herbs bind to fresh air in the vaporizer. Only the desired molecules are released and unwanted by-products are reduced to a minimum. All this happens below combustion temperature and for the benefit of your health.

All components in the airway are made of food grade and FDA certified materials. This allows the vaporizer to uniquely extract pure flavor from the herbs.

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